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How to Test an RJ45 Connection

This simple testing technique is a great way to check the connection quality of RJ45 terminations on new CAT5, CAT5e and CAT6 LAN cables, and can also be helpful in troubleshooting the data transmission problems in existing network cabling.SYOPTEK have introduced  fusion splicer products and visual fault locator  products for testing cables and connectors.
STEP 1  

Turn the testing unit on.
 STEP 2      

Plug the ends of your RJ45-terminated cable into the tester’s two ports…it doesn’t matter what order you do this in.
 STEP 3  

Depending on which tester you use, the test function will be either manual or automatic. If you’re using the automatic test mode, simply push the button and let the unit do its work. If you need to use a manual mode, simply hit the test button repeatedly to advance through all 8 wires.
 STEP 4  

You’ll see two separate bars of indicators, each with 8 lights. Watch these indicator lights as the test sequence is completed, wire-by-wire. If both the “input” and “output” indicators for each wire are brightly lit, then you know that optimum connection has been made. A dim light indicates poor connection, and no light at all lets you know that connection is not being made.

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